Forever Pollution Project - the data

The initial project

Launched early 2023, the Forever Pollution Project revealed the scale of PFAS contamination in Europe. At the center of the project was a map, established after gathering data on PFAS contaminations from hundreds of documents. You can read the full methodology here. The data was published directly at publication time, but the data was incomplete, as we worked toward the map and not towards data reuseability. This project aims to reprocess the data in a more proper way, so that it can be used by whoever has interest, especially research projects.

Updated data

Two major changes are introduced in the way we process data:


The full dataset is available here as a CSV: full.csv, or as a parquet: full.parquet


You can also explore the data on A MAP! This is meant first as a testing tool, this is why you can only see one dataset at a time.